Moto Hint

Moto Hint is a stylish and discreet wireless earbud that brings the world’s information to your ear, just by using your voice. Make calls, ask questions, get answers and notifications directly in your ear - hands free. This tiny device introduces a new wear style with a patented ergonomic form that is amazingly comfortable and stable. We focused on designing intuitive experiences using in-ear sensors. Moto Hint springs to life when you insert it in ear and off when out. Moto hint merges technology and fashion through authentic materials like wood, leather and canvas. The portable case protects and charges on the go, ensuring all day battery life.


With the mono headset category renowned for its negative stigma, the challenge has always been to find the right balance between the convenience of the technology and the confidence of wearing a headset. The idea of Hint was born out of our desire to create a socially acceptable, discrete Headset that anyone would feel comfortable wearing. We cut the wire off a regular earbud, and proposed, “What if we could fit everything we have done so far into this?”

With this proposal, we challenged our engineering and HF teams to find out everything we could about the inner ear and technology that could fit inside. Multiple laser scans were done resulting in 3D Geometry of each ear scanned. This data drove the teams to find the footprint that would technically work and fit as many people as possible. 

My Role: CXD lead, Product definition, CMF.   Team: Rhea Jeong (ID), Sanjay Batra (HF), Rick Hoobler (UI)   2013-14