Power Packs - Micro, 2400 & 5100

Slip it into your pocket or your purse and take it anywhere you need a boost of power. Sleek, compact and durable, the natural canvas casing is built to withstand the daily grind. We aimed to make a very utilitarian product more desirable and a product you would want to have with you. Using durable cloth materials that are designed to age gracefully and become more personal over time.


When we reexamined the portable power product category, all we could see was plastic, rubber and metal.  We then looked at the objects that people carry with them every day and found very few hard plastic objects, apart from maybe a phone. Everything else was more personal. Leather wallets that had worn over time, notebooks and woven watch straps. These were all products that we thought became more personal over time. Our challenge was to find suitable materials for mass production that people would find more desirable and would want it to be part of their everyday possessions.

My Role: CXD Lead, CMF, Art direction.  Team: Carl Cepress (ID)  2014