Hello Hiring Team

As a design leader with more than 25 years of experience, I have honed my skills in innovation, team leadership, and project management across a wide range of industries, including wearables, consumer electronics, medical devices, and hardware-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Throughout my career, I have remained an advocate of human-centered design, delivering exceptional design solutions that aim to establish an emotional connection between the user, product, and brand.


My proficiency in design thinking, user experience, engineering, and design research has empowered me to lead cross-functional teams successfully and collaborate effectively with product leaders and stakeholders. By integrating user needs with design principles, product / brand objectives and business goals, I have successfully delivered world-class products for global markets.

As a problem-solver by nature and a passionate designer, I constantly seek to challenge conventions and explore novel solutions to design problems. My technical design and software skills remain up-to-date, and I am willing to dive in and work alongside my team members to design, inspire and mentor them to realize their full potential. I have a proven track record of fostering a positive, inclusive, and collaborative work environment and believe in building meaningful relationships with team members. My focus is on building the best product & user experience through insightful discussions, design iterations, and an unwavering attention to detail.

During my tenure at Insight Product Development, I gained significant experience in designing diverse product categories, ranging from the first Plantronics Bluetooth headsets to medical equipment like pacemaker programmers for St. Jude and portable ventilators for Tyco Healthcare. Contributing to the creation of such medical devices, which had the potential to make a positive impact in the world for many years to come, was personally rewarding. Furthermore, this experience facilitated my development of effective communication skills with clients, along with an appreciation that despite our best design intentions, products do not always reach the market as intended. This is “design” as a service.

At Motorola, I had the opportunity to enhance my leadership abilities by spearheading a team of proficient designers in leading the design for the companion products business. I gained a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process, from concept inception to final production, with active involvement in each step of the process. Furthermore, I recognized the significance of building strong relationships and partnerships with the product, brand, and business development teams. By integrating design as an intrinsic aspect of the business, rather than just a service, the outcome can be exceptional products with a compelling marketing narrative that has a significant impact.

I take great pride in my accomplishments during my time at Jiobit, a small start-up comprising ten members when I started that scaled to over fifty just before its acquisition. Our team’s efforts not only resulted in the design of a physical and digital product that provided parents with daily peace of mind, but has potentially saved lives. We made a bold decision to create a hardware platform that would serve as a learning tool for the future. This approach not only enabled us to receive direct customer feedback and enhance our existing product, it also enabled us to enter new categories that were not previously considered. While it is relatively easy to update and enhance digital products post launch, implementing changes to hardware is costly, time-consuming, and infrequent. Our foresight in developing this platform allowed us to improve and add features which proved invaluable to our product’s ongoing success.

I hold great admiration for companies that view design as an integral part of their business strategy, rather than see the discipline as a mere service. Such environments provide creatives like myself with the platform to thrive, foster meaningful working relationships and leverage my expertise to deliver exceptional products with a global appeal.

Thank you for your time and I hope we get to talk soon.
Kind Regards

Chris Houghton